Thank you for your interest in my writing, editing, and design work. Below are examples of different types of writing that I have engaged in for different companies from game design to prose.

Editing Samples

Patch Notes

Here is an example of some patch notes that I edited for Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

UI and Text Notes

When I started working at Robot, I was asked to do a critique of the UI and its text to help the designers and the junior writer. This is that document.

Quest Feedback

This spreadsheet is a cross-section of the feedback I gave the other writers on my team on Blade & Soul.

Game Design/ Recorded Dialogue Samples:

The Prologue

This is a portion of the game that I helped conceptualize and design. I also directed all VO and implemented all subtitles.

Bloodspike VO

This is a character that was revamped for PvE play, and I re-recorded his dialogue.

Cygnus VO

This is one of the main characters that was also revamped for PvE play, and I re-recorded much of his dialogue.

Gabriella VO

Gabriella is also one of the main characters that was redesigned. I rewrote and re-recorded her dialogue.

Maximilian VO

Maximilian is the main character in OMD!U. Because he was the first recorded, he had very little dialogue. I increased his dialogue to match the other characters.

Temper VO

Temper is a new character for OMD!U (though he appeared earlier in the series) and I wrote, directed, and recorded all his dialogue. I also helped design his skills and Weavers.

Quest Design/ Writing:

Sonya the Barbarian’s Heroes of the Storm dialogue

This is a character to which I contributed dialogue. Many of the pissed jokes are mine. Like the sandwich joke? That was me.

Kael’thas Heroes of the Storm dialogue

This is a character for which I wrote most of the dialogue, including pissed jokes.

Rehgar’s Heroes of the Storm dialogue

Rehgar is another character for which I wrote most of the dialogue.

Kerrigan’s Heroes of the Storm dialogue

This is a character to which I contributed dialogue. Like the line about Kerrigan’s heels? That was me.



Below are trailers and animatics that I scripted for Heroes of the Storm and OMD!U.

The Stitches Heroes of the Storm trailer

Apprentice Animatic (OMD!U)

War Mage Animatic (OMD!U)

Master Animatic (OMD!U)

Rift Lord Animatic (OMD!U)

Copywriting Examples:

Content for the blog pages were brainstormed in the CDev writers’ room. Many of the joke headings and basic information are from me, though they were put together by multiple writers.

Zagara Hero Blog Page

Stitches Hero Blog Page

Kerrigan Hero Blog Page

Chen Hero Blog Page

Heroes of the Storm store descriptions

As an intern, I was tasked with writing many of the descriptions from the Heroes of the Storm in-game store. Here are some examples.


Below are two spec scripts from my screenwriting portfolio. One is from the detective series Castle and the other from the Coven season of the horror genre series American Horror Story.

Castle spec script

American Horror Story: Coven spec script


As a writer at Robot, I wrote a backstory in a “found text” format for each hero that was to be paired with art evocative of the type of media on which each backstory was written (for instance, a letter would appear on a piece of parchment). Though they are not in their original context, they still stand well on their own.

Hero Backstory Samples (OMD!U)

Thank you for your interest in my writing. Check back often for updates and new samples.


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