Hello, and welcome to my professional website. My name is Abigail Manuel, and I am a science fiction and fantasy writer and gamer looking for employment in the gaming industry.

I am currently working as a writing professor and tutor in the Dallas area, but I recently worked for Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, CA as a writer after securing one of their coveted summer internships. Aside from teaching, I write SF&F screenplays, short stories, and game modules and also help SMU Guildhall students with their projects by assisting with the writing aspects of their games. I participate in an active writing group and edit science fiction manuscripts for a writer at Baen Books. I also avidly play pen-and-paper and electronic games.

Aside from my work as a professor and tutor, I am also a PhD student currently studying at the University of Texas’s Dallas branch. My area of study is SF&F film and literature, and I am currently working on my final project as a doctoral student. This project is a book-length examination of the adaptation of the works of Philip K. Dick into film and video game narratives.

If you would like to learn more about me, request a résumé, or enlist my help with a writing project, please e-mail me at abigail.manuel@gmail.com

Thanks so much for viewing my professional website!

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